Living Room of the Future

The “smart” chaise longue.

The house system «Ubiquax».


Computers that serve people
The new space “Living Room of the Future” shows us how we could be living some 20 years down the line. Computers are integrated into both the room and objects, and linked by what is known as “ubiquitous computing.” All the user’s needs are known and supported. The digital and real worlds have inched yet further together.

Intelligent table, “smart” chaise longue
On entering the “Living Room of the Future” it wakes out of dormant mode. The first thing we notice is a large info wall on which the house system «Ubiquax» broadcasts news, environmental data and home technology reports. The sofa invites us to sit down and relax – and no sooner are we seated than it transforms itself into a “smart” chaise longue proffering a relaxation program and a brief medical check-up. The interactive table processes the health profile results and comes up with menu recommendations. A household robot is of course part of the picture.


The “Living Room of the Future” came about as a result of the joint research project called “Conveying the Future Through Exhibitions” by the Academy of Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, element GmbH and iart interactiv (all in Basel, Switzerland), and was supported by the Swiss federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).