The mail art archives of H.R. Fricker and Marcel Stüssi

mail art

Mail Art Letter from Charles François, Belgium, to H. R. Fricker, 1989. The «Alphabet» consists of symbols, each of which represents an artist.

mail art stuessi

Co-Work with the stamp "Pfusch-ART" by Marcel Stüssi, 1994

H.R. Fricker

H.R. Fricker was active on the network for 15 years, during which time he organised many shows, conferences and meetings, kept up personal contacts (by post and in person) and influenced the "programmatic discussion" on the network.


H.R. Fricker produced thousands of pieces, feeding them into the network and receiving far more in return.


Marcel Stüssi

Marcel Stüssi, who was born in Basel in 1943, considered the ability to show flexibility to be extremely important. He worked not only as a mail artist but also as a creative filmmaker, photographer, artist, collagist and art historian; he constantly changed sides from sender to recipient, from inspiring others to being influenced himself.


From 1982 onwards, Stüssi sent hundreds of collages and postmarked sheets to non-competitive mail art exhibitions all over the world. Only two or three other Swiss mail art exponents were active for as long as Stüssi. During this period one of Switzerland's largest and best organised mail art archives was assembled. He died in 1997 following an accident.