The Museum of Communication

The Museum of Communication

The Museum of Communication in Berne

The Museum of Communication is unique in Switzerland for its impressive collections and exhibitions. Its activities explore the social and cultural impact of communication and its technologies.


Museum policy

The museum focuses on people rather than technology. In its function as a transmitter of information, the museum is oriented towards the needs and experiences of its visitors. The museum's interactive exhibitions aim to promote an intensive and fascinating analysis of the themes presented.


Business standards

Transfer of knowledge (museum education, consulting) and market orientation (marketing/PR) are thus as much integral elements of the museum's policy as the traditional functions of collecting, conservation, exhibiting and research. Within the framework of its cultural mission the museum thus operates with business standards.


Communication and Culture

The Museum of Communication wants to be a catalyst for involvement with the history – but also the present and future – of communication. The main focus of attention is on the relationship between communication and culture. The museum boasts a wide range of collections covering telecommunications, and information technology, radio, television, post, transport, tourism and philately.


New developments

There is a particular focus on new developments, especially in the areas of information and communication technology as well as new media. In this way the museum contributes to the discussion of current and linked issues.